Last week, my students began a unit on logic. We were working through deductive reasoning and syllogisms, and we had just finished a three-corners discussion activity. We had ten minutes of class left–impromptu exit ticket time! I wanted to give them some extra practice with valid and sound syllogisms, but with a quirky twist, so we started brainstorming animals, events, and people to work into the syllogisms. I turned to a boy sitting near the front.

“Name a celebrity… a celebrity crush!”

He hesitated for a minute and suggested a woman I’d never heard of. Groans from the rest of the class.

“Is that a real celebrity?”

My students confirmed it, saying that yes, she even has millions of Twitter followers. They then proceeded to help me spell her name, laughing the whole time.

From my students’ reactions, I could tell there was something more to the story, but I bravely carried on. After about five minutes of work time, the titters and whispers still hadn’t died down. I jokingly said to a student near me, “She’s not a porn star or something, is she?”

The class absolutely erupted in laughter. A few students confirmed it.

We revised the assignment and calm was restored. All was well.

Major premise: Teaching is a humbling experience.

Minor premise: I am a teacher.

Conclusion: I am humbled.

My students are the best, and I love that we can laugh together, even especially at our mistakes. And this one was a doozy.

I’d love to hear your “awkward moment” or “oops!” stories! Comment below.


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